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Tourism and Travel Information for Daman | Daman and Diu tourism, daman beach, places to visit in daman, beaches in daman, places to visit in daman in 2 days

About Daman Tourism

Previously known as Damao or Kalana Pavri (meaning lotus of marshland), this was the Portuguese settlement for approximately 5 centuries. With the end of colonial rule in 1961, the Portuguese were forced to leave the area. This location was discovered by a Portuguese sailor named Diogo de Mello after he was shipwrecked due to a storm and ended up on this coast. The region has seen a number of wars and a significant evolution of various races and civilizations. 


This has resulted in the present-day Daman, which is peaceful and has brought together people from various cultures. The town is located on the Arabian Sea and is quite relaxed. The Damanganga River divides Daman into two sections: Nani Daman in the north and Moti Daman in the south. There are a number of Portuguese buildings and churches here that are still as beautiful as they were a few decades ago.


Best Time to Visit

The union territories of Daman and Diu, a place of enchanting natural beauty and mesmerising sights, can be visited at any time of year, with the weather being pleasant for the majority of the time. Because the city is located near the Arabian Sea, a cool sea breeze always blows through it, bringing any temperature rise to normal levels. However, the best time to visit the area is from October to March, when the weather is slightly cooler than the rest of the year, making sightseeing and travel more enjoyable.


This is also a good time to enjoy a variety of water sports and other activities for a memorable vacation. During the monsoon season, the area receives heavy rainfall, making it nearly impossible to venture out. However, there may be cheaper hotel deals available at this time. Summer, while not unbearably hot, can still be uncomfortable. Evenings, on the other hand, are cooler, and this can be a great time to enjoy various adventure water sports such as skiing, snorkelling, speedboating, and swimming, among others.


Tourist Attractions

In Daman, one can visit the Fort of St. Jerome at Nani Daman, which also houses a Jain temple. The exquisite Portuguese carvings on the walls of the 17th-century Se Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady of Rosary in Moti Daman are also worth a visit. These are a visual feast, built in the ancient Gothic style. At Daman jetty, there is also the stately Light House, an amusement park, and Gandhi Park. Devka beach is the most well-known of the beaches. Others include the Jampore beach, which is popular with swimmers and is close to the Gujarat border. Satya Nagar Udyan's lake garden is well-known for its fountains and promenades.


The Zampa Gateway in Diu is particularly interesting. It features carvings of lions, angels, and a priest, as well as an interior chapel with an inscription dating back to 1702. The man-made Zampa waterfall is also appealing. St. Paul's Church remains the only active church to this day. The old St. Thomas's Church is nearby, which has been taken over by the authorities and converted into the Diu Museum. The St. Francis of Assisi Church has been converted into a hospital. The Marwar memorial commemorates the Portuguese victory. The massive fort, which was built in 1541, is now weathered and frail. It is a popular tourist destination. Other places of interest include Jallandhar and the Gangeshwar temple.


The most well-known beach in Diu is Nagoa. Other well-known beaches include Gomptimata, Chakratirth, and the stunning Sunset Point. The Jama Masjid is also well-known.



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