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Surat tourist places:- Top Places to visit in Surat- 10 Topmost Tourist Destinations You Don’t Want To Miss

About Surat

Surat is a charming town on the banks of the Tapi River, with a mix of historic temples and modern skyscrapers. Devotees from all over the world visit the ISKCON temple here, which covers an area of about 13,000 km sq. The Dutch Cemetery, Shahjahan's Fort, Parsi neighbourhood, and colonial building are all lovely reminders of the city's heritage. Dandi is a popular tourist destination in Surat, and it is a site associated with the Indian independence movement. Surat is known for its mouthwatering Gujarati cuisine, but it is only vegetarian. Leonardo Ristorante Italiano, Jalaram Khichadi, and Kansar Gujarati Thali are some of the most popular restaurants in the region.


The diamond industry is well-known in Surat. The citizens who live here have learned the art of diamond cutting and polishing. As you walk through Surat's streets, you'll notice a slew of gold shops selling diamonds and jewellery. Surat is also recognised as the world's largest diamond manufacturing centre, with more than 5,000 diamond manufacturing units, including some of the world's most modern, large-scale diamond cutting factories. Surat SEZ has over 100 listed companies and is quickly establishing itself as a leading jewellery development centre.


Surat is known as Gujarat's textile capital. In Surat, shopping is never complete without purchasing a silk saree. They have high-quality, finely crafted sarees in a variety of styles, including Kinkhab, Gajee, and Tanchoi.


Best places to visit in and around the Surat


Surat and its environs are home to a number of historical monuments. Dandi, Dumas, Hajira, Tithal, and Ubhrat are the main attractions.


Dandi is a historically significant location. In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi launched the Dandi March from Dandi. Surat is 16 kilometres away from Dumas, a resort. Another lovely beach is Hajira, which is 28 kilometres from the city. Ubharat is another lovely beach 42 kilometres from the city.


Must Visit Places in Surat

  • Dutch Garden

  • Dumas beach

  • Hajira Village

  • Sardar Patel Museum

  • Ambika Niketan Temple

  • Dandi Beach

  • Sarthana Nature Park

  • Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium

  • Amaazia Water Park

  • Vansda National Park

  • Surat Castle

  • Snow Park

  • Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

And many more.




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